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TalCual | Thursday December 17th 2009                          Arts

Marieva Davila, sister of singer and piano player Prisca Davila, shall debut as soloist with her album Piano de ida y vuelta (Piano back and forth). This album brings an assortment of music pieces influenced by flamenco music and songs from the new world.

“This album bears such name due to the influence of flamenco Spanish art on my music writing, and the sound journey that goes into the past and comes back to the present, hand in hand with universal and contemporary composers,” highlights Davila, who besides being a piano player is also an outstanding flamenco dancer.      

The album includes three songs by this artist: a tango, a waltz, and a ballad that jointly form the opening suite. Also including pieces from Venezuelan authors, such as Juan Carlos Nuñez with Retrato Solemnisimo de Aldemaro Romero (Aldemaro Romero’s Highly Solemn Portrait) and Teresita, a waltz written by Teresa Carreño.

“Due to the deep admiration I feel for Aldemaro Romero, I was pleased to record a song dedicated to this great Venezuelan character. In her turn, Teresa Carreño is undoubtedly a relevant character in universal music, both as piano player and composer. She’s an example to follow not only as artist but also as a woman, because she never feared to outstand at a time when men ruled,” explained the piano player.

Classical composers were not excluded from this debut album. Pieces by Bach, Schubert and Brahms are performed with graceful elegance and unique style. On the other hand, fusion jazz master, Joe Zawinul is also present with Davila’s version of Midnight Mood.

“In this production I gather several music genres I have studied throughout my life, and are reflected in the musical language I’ve started to develop in the De ida y vuelta suite. You can appreciate the Venezuelan music over the waltz; jazz over harmonization and improvising; flamenco music over the rhythms and melodies I’ve learned as flamenco dancer, besides all the atmospheres and performing resources arising from academic music,” pointed out the artist.

The album was produced by her jointly with her sister Prisca and her father Eduardo Davila. “Both of them (Prisca and Eduardo) have influenced me in all possible ways. After my father studied music, my cousins have all studied music at one time or another. My sister, on the other hand, has influenced me due to her personality, her musical taste, and her life style. She encouraged me to record this album.               

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