The Davila Sisters will be recording an album as a duo in March, under the name of One Piano, Two Sisters.

Ciudad Guayana,
Friday, February 15th 2013                              Culture                        Correo del Caroni

Sisters at the piano  

Prisca and Mariela Davila offered a concert for lovers at the Ercole Club yesterday

Betty Lyon Bonucci – [email protected] del caroni

Last evening, the Ercole Club was full of piano, jazz and flamenco music thanks to Prisca and Marieva Davila that, jointly with their father Eduardo Davila, offered a concert for those in love.  

The three musicians arrived yesterday morning at Ciudad Guayana and held a meeting with the local media to talk about their evening concert and the plans currently underway.

Prisca, piano player, composer and singer, pointed out that the repertoire for last night is part of the album Un piano dos hermanas (One piano two sisters) they’ll start recording in March. “Each one of us has recorded her albums as soloist and this would be our first album together, we will include new songs, as well as pieces from previous albums, and even some piano four hands arrangements.”

Fusion of talents

Since very little, Prisca and Marieva have been in the music world, submerged within musical instruments and lyrics.

Prisca, for instance, in her two volume album Piano en canto venezolano (Piano in Venezuelan singing) has worked on several country regions, studying their genres and musical compositions. “Including, among them, the Calypso piece Isidora by composer Lourdes Basanta. But we won’t be able to perform it here, as its format needs different instrumentation,” she explained.   

Now after all these music studies, the sisters’ talents and their father’s talents intermingle on one stage. “This is a fusion or all our musical influences and also of all our musical instruments,” highlighted Prisca.                     

Future plans

Prisca and Marieva will be going into the recording studio in one month. But besides recording this album, Prisca is planning a great celebration for her 10 year anniversary in the recording industry.

“My first album was released 10 years ago, Piano Jazz Venezolano (Venezuelan Piano Jazz) and I have several activities underway, my new album release, concerts with the Symphonic Orchestra and other concerts, to gather this 10 year anniversary celebration, all what has happened since this first album was released, which also was the album that defined my musical language; these 10 years must be celebrated,” she highlighted.

Such musical language has been defined by characteristic elements, as Prisca did briefly explain: “From the classical music, I take the nuances and the techniques; from the Venezuelan music I take its melodies, its rhythms, it’s easiness; and from Jazz, the contemporary harmony and the improvisation. The flamenco music (which is a genre included in the new duo format with Marieva) is virtually in the Venezuelan music already, because such music comes from the flamenco music; for instance, the joropo comes from the fandango music.”

Before saying goodbye, a topic that was left on the table: the Davila sisters will be waiting to see if, in the near future, they can perform a concert with Cuidad Guayana Symphonic Orchestra.           

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