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Videos of the different performances and songs of the artist.
Videos de diferentes conciertos y canciones de la artista.


Marieva Dávila performs her flamenco tango “Destino” at the concert of the release of the album with her sister Prisca Dávila entitled “Un piano, dos hermanas” on September 14, 2014 at Centro Cultural BOD, Caracas.


The situation in my country is very complex and right now it needs, more than ever, the contribution of young people and artists to move the country forward. This situation inspired me to write a song called “Subversivos” where I talk about the loss of values in societies and express my view that the only way to rescue them is through love and respect. “Subversive are gestures of love (in corrupted societies where hares run through the seas and fish swim along avenues -in a concrete world- where they move with haste) and the desire that such societies will abandon their fondness for injustice.” That is the chorus of the song because I often think of the significance that we, artists, have to give to this issue in order to become bridges where we, jointly with society, will meet and commit to rebuild said society.

Prisca Dávila and Symphonic Orchestra of Venezuela “Frigiando merengue” “Piano jazz Venezolano Sinfónico” Concert

Prisca Dávila and OSV play “Frigiando merengue” (venezuelan merengue with flamenco) Prisca Dávila. “Piano jazz Venezolano Sinfónico” concert. Celebration of 10 years or record career. Special guest:Marieva Dávila, piano. Conductor and arregement for orchestra: Pedro Mauricio González. July 4, 2013 at Teatro de Chacao, Caracas. Tv show “Con acústica” Vale TV (Venezuelan TV)