Marieva Davila launches a reflection about the Venezuelan situation with subversivos

June 19th 2017 – The Venezuelan piano player, singer and music writer Marieva Davila, releases the song “Subversivos” (Subversives)

A reflection about the times we’re currently going through, a call to rescue society through love and respect.

The Venezuelan piano player, singer and music writer MARIEVA DAVILA presents the song “SUBVERSIVOS”, a reflection about the times we’re currently living, a call for love and respect. This song is included in her new album “Travesia”- Canciones de Latinoamérica” (Journey, Songs from Latin America), the second Marieva’s album produced with her sister Prisca Davila who is also a piano-player, singer and music writer.

Marieva highlights, “The situation in my country, Venezuela, is highly complex and by these times needs, more than ever, the contribution from young people and artists to go on. This situation inspired me for writing the song called “Subversivos” where I talk about the loss of values in the society, about how injustices have become part of the every day’s life… Subversive are the expressions of love, in corrupt societies, where jackrabbits run over the sea and fishes over the streets, in a concrete world, but they move with haste, and the dreams are expecting you’ll stop supporting injustice… This is the chorus of the song, where I want to express the importance we artists must give to such topics, so that we can become bridges for reaching a meeting of minds and reconstructing society.”

The album “Travesia” includes new songs written by the Davila sisters as well as selected songs deemed iconic by several American countries. All of them framed within the music language characterizing them, a fusion of jazz, flamenco, Venezuelan and classical music. Now in this album she’s also adding other music genres such as pop, rock, bolero, ballad, Latin jazz, tango, and Bossa nova.

Marieva Davila, piano and voice

Heriberto Rojas, bass

Gabriel Davila, guitar

Leowaldo Aldana, percussion

Abelardo Bolaños, drums

Video editing, German Anzola


Contact: Marieva Davila [email protected]


Lyrics and music: Marieva Davila

Darkness recreates the fear to invisible

Visions of stray bullets

Leaving with no remorse

All hearts are empty, empty…

Souls are blown by the wind

And hope that at some time

Memories may overcome oblivion, oblivion…

And I wake up from a bad dream

And you’re there with me

Tolerance is needed

For the journey

I fail to know you at the beginning

But with your timely love

You bring the river to the fire

And hot to cold

Subversive are the expressions of love

In corrupt societies

Where jackrabbits run over the sea

And fishes over the streets

With no specific course

But with haste

And the dreams are expecting

You’ll stop supporting injustice

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