Piano Lessons in the city of Toronto, Canada

My name is Marieva Davila. I’m a pianist, composer, singer, and dancer. With more than 14 years of experience teaching music, dance and, piano.

I teach basic musical knowledge to children from 3 years old with a method called Dalcroze. It is a beautiful method that teaches to play and read music through games and body movement.

Piano lessons are for children from 5 years old up to adults, from beginners to advanced. I do not audition because I consider it false that it takes a special talent or a specific age to learn to play an instrument. I always tell my students that the only secret is to have the motivation and perseverance to practice and practice, and this is a habit that can also be taught and learned.

How do I do it?

In my classes, I incorporate music theory (Solfeggio, harmony, music history, etc) so that my students can read and have a wide knowledge that helps them to compose, improvise and interpret any musical style. I graduated from the conservatory so I master the different styles of classical music (baroque, classical, romantic, etc), as well as I, studied composition, arrangement, and popular music, so I can teach any style (jazz, pop, latin music, etc).

                Each student is different and has different strengths and goals. My interest is to help them reach their greatest musical and artistic potential and fall in love with the music that is the only motivation that can make you grow within it. Music helps you develop different abilities, and is one of the best companions in life.

Where do I teach?

I teach all over the city of Toronto.

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  • 30 Minute Lessons- $35.00/lesson
  • 45 Minute Lessons- $45.00/lesson
  • 1 Hour Lessons- $55.00/lesson

All lesson payments must be made prior to the first lesson of each month (e-transfer, cheque or cash).

If a lesson must be canceled, a minimum of 24 hours notice must be given, or payment will be forfeited for that lesson. If any lesson that has been already paid and has been canceled and notified 24 hours before, I will do my best to reschedule it or your payment will roll over to the following month


A referral is one of the best compliments my students can give me. Let me know that you have given me a referral and you will have a free 30 minute lesson.


Please click the contact tab and send me a message if you want any information.

[email protected]

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