Prisca and Marieva Davila “Un Piano Dos Hermanas” (2014)

The piano, the singing and the duende of the sisters Prisca and Marieva Dávila, talks, smiles and dances to the beat of the fusion of Venezuelan, classical, Latin American, jazz and flamenco music

  1. Pikirillo a 4 manos (folklore)
  2. Lorca en Caracas (Marieva Dávila)
  3. Merengue eólico (Prisca Dávila)
  4. Polo margariteño a 4 manos (folklore)
  5. Mixolidiando merengue (Prisca Dávila)
  6. Esencia (Marieva Dávila)
  7. Chega de Saudade a 4 manos (Antonio Carlos Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes)
  8. El valle de San Javier (Gerry Weil)
  9. Alma llanera (Pedro Elías Gutiérrez / Rafael Bolívar)
  10. Frigiando merengue a 4 manos. Prisca Dávila

Prisca Dávila, piano, voice and piano 4 hands arrangement

Marieva Dávila, piano, voice and flamenco dance

Special Guest:
Goyo Reyna, cante, cajon, udu, jaleos and palmas
Eduardo Dávila, flute

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